Choose a Profile Photo – Tidy Will Help You Find It!

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Finding it Difficult to Choose a Profile Photo? Tidy Will Help You Find It!

When it comes to choosing a profile photo for our social media, we all feel the heat!

Needless to say, we all want to look best in our display pictures on social media, and this is what makes this whole task tough.

If you are like most of us, we all have hundreds of photos in similar poses with a minor difference. So, how do you decide – which is the perfect picture?

Well, let the Tidy decide.

Yes, Tidy not only helps you in minimizing the clutter in your gallery but also lets you choose a like-worthy profile photos for Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Let’s see how Tidy makes this task so simpler.

Tidy Helps You Choose Your Profile Photo

  • Pick media

Get to choose from all the photos in your device. Yes, Tidy lets you pick from all the photos and then helps you in choosing the best profile photo.

  • Compare

Once you have picked the media, compare the photos among themselves simply by touching left and right to check previous and next photo respectively. You can also spot the minor changes that you might have by switching to a story mode.

  • Shortlist

Tidy lets you shortlist the likeable and share-worthy pictures. All you need to is browse through the photos and swipe left for dropping them.

Thus, keep swiping for removing any unwanted photos. This would not only free your phone’s storage from clutter but would also help you in hoarding some beautiful pictures that are worth keeping.

  • Share the media

Once you have found the perfect photo of yourself, simply click on ‘share the media’. Choose the appropriate channel you want to share your picture on among Facebook, Instagram, and others.

And you’re done! Wasn’t that simple?

But, this is not just about Tidy. Tidy helps you save space and time on the go.

Here’s All That Tidy Can Do:

  • Help you get rid of unwanted media from your phone just on a single touch
  • Share photos on your favourite social media platforms
  • Compare two photos for minor changes and judge which looks better
  • Swipe left to delete your media
  • Delete the unwanted media once you have shared it with your friends
  • Undo the actions on the go

Over to You

This is not just about it. Tidy has a lot of exciting features and aims to save both your time and storage. This is perhaps why it is worth a try!

What are you waiting for? Download the app today. What’s more? It is free, and doesn’t even require you to login!

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