How to cleaned your phone – 5 Reasons You Must Download Tidy

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How to cleaned your phone?

 So, when was the last time you cleaned your phone from Unwanted media?

How to cleaned your phone? Yes, just like your house, your smartphone needs spring cleaning too!

We all have been through situations when our phone gallery gets full, and our phone keeps reminding us to delete some photos from gallery in order to release some space. But, alias! Most of us are too lazy to do it.

Not anymore! All you need to do is download Tidy. Not convinced enough? Here are 5 reasons stating why you must download it today:

  • Deleting media is as simple as it can get!
How to cleaned your phone
How to cleaned your phone

Yes, download Tidy and simply swipe right to keep your media and swipe left to delete it. What could be simpler than this?

  • Deleted a media by mistake? No worries!

Tidy understands that to err is human. No matter, if you swiped right or left by mistake. Our life might not have an undo button, but thankfully,
Tidy has!
All you need to do is touch on the undo button to cancel the previous action.

  • Sharing is caring!

You get to share your media with the Tidy app just at a single touch. Simply, touch the share icon and share your media on major social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Share and delete

What could be a better way to save on storage space than to delete the photos automatically after sharing?
Have a friend’s picture or a not so important video?
Tidy also lets you share it with your friends and then deletes it automatically, thus not only helping you save space but time too!

  • Play with your album

Tidy allows you to play with your favorite albums. Organize the content or play with it – the choice is entirely yours!

Your Turn That said, we are sure, you must have made up your mind to download Tidy now. You can download the app from Google Play Store on App Store for free.

Rest assured, Tidy is simple, quick, fun and addictive. Think no more, and be a smart Tider today!

its free download tidy on app store or google play

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