How to Delete WhatsApp photos easy (TIP)

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WhatsApp is probably the largest space usage app on our mobile phones. Do you wonder what the best way to Delete WhatsApp photos?

we all getting many photos on WhatsApp.

Part of them are junk photos, another part is our friend’s photos that shared with us and the best part are photos that we want to keep.

Delete WhatsApp entire album

The old solution will be to open the WhatsApp folder on the phone gallery and delete the entire folder.

The disadvantage will be that you risk deleting the pictures you like as well.

Pick Photos to delete from WhatsApp album

Another solution will be to open WhatsApp folder and pick the photos you want to delete and delete all of them;

The problem is that you see the photos in small icons.

if you will want to open a picture to full mode size, you will lose all the picks you did already, and you will need to start all over again.

Download Tidy app

All the above-mentioned points involve a bit of hassle.

This is when Tidy comes to your rescue and helps you to Delete WhatsApp photos

Open Tidy, open filter menu and select “pick album”, choose “ WhatsApp album”.

See WhatsApp photos in full-screen mode – Delete the useless photos by simply swiping left.

keep the ones you like by swiping right.

Additionally, unlike other options, you can even undo the deletion of your media if you did it by mistake.

Further, the app is fun to use and spices up your android phone.

Video Tutorial How to Delete WhatsApp photos

its free download tidy on app store or google play