How to Free Up Space On Your Android Phone?

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How to Free Up Space On Your Android Phone One of the best parts of Android phones is their ease of use. However, what often bugs up people is the unavailability of enough storage space. With an array of downloaded apps and media files on the phone memory, it actually becomes difficult to free up space from your Android phone, especially when you don’t want to compromise and lose access of your media.

This is where this article helps you out! Here we will have a closer look at how you can free up space from your android phone easily.

Freeing Up Space on Your Android Phone

Clear the cache

As a matter of fact, most Android apps store cached data on your mobile phone to in order to provide a better user experience. Cached data although helps you to save your mobile data as the same information is not required to be downloaded again. However, the data stored as cache files may not be necessary and could only be consuming your memory.

In such cases, clearing the cached data from your mobile phone can help you free some memory. All you need to do is visit Settings > Application Manager > App name you want to delete the cached data of. And you are done!

You can simply select the applications you want the cached data to be deleted, and the corresponding amount would be freed up in your mobile. Additionally, certain recent Android versions even allow you to delete all the cached data at once right from their Settings option.

Deleting downloads

This is pretty straightforward. Simply, head to the Downloads section of your smartphone where all the downloaded files are stores. Select the files which are not useful to you and delete them. This would also help you in freeing up enough space.

Moving apps to the microSD card

You can also make an attempt to move the apps to your microSD card from your phone memory. However, in certain cases, you need to store your apps in the phone memory for their proper functioning.

You can still make an attempt and check if you are able to move certain apps to the external storage. Here is how you can do it: Settings > Application manager > App you want to move > Move to SD card and voila! It is done!

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How to Free Up Space On Your Android
Swipe Left to Delete Media
How to Free Up Space On Your Android
Swipe Right to Delete Media

Needless to say, all the above-mentioned points involve a bit of hassle.

This is when Tidy comes to your rescue and helps you in freeing memory by simply swiping left and right. Additionally,

unlike other options, you can even undo the deletion of your media if you did it by mistake. Further, the app is fun to use and spices up your android phone.

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Final Words

These were a few ways through which you can free up space from your Android phone without any hassles. What are your views on this? How do you ensure that your phone never runs out of space? Do share your views with us in the comments.