Storage Space Running Out? Tidy Will Help You Release It

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Let’s admit: we all are photo hoarders. Whether we like our photos or not, we do not want to delete them. And this is one of the major reasons why our storage space running out, and we have no idea how to deal with it.

Not anymore. The Tidy app is here to your rescue. Tidy helps you clear the unwanted and not-so-good photos on the go. Here is how you can do it.

Releasing Extra Storage Space

  • Download tidy

To start releasing memory, first make way for Tidy by downloading it.

  • Provide necessary permissions

Once downloaded, Tidy would ask you to provide all the necessary permissions. Tidy would ask you to allow it to access your gallery. Only when you allow it to access your gallery, will it be able to clean photos.

  • Swipe left and right

Once you have provided the required permissions, all you need to do is swipe left for deleting a media and swipe right for keeping it.

  • Touch left and right for browsing

For moving from one photo to another, simply touch left and right.

  • Undo the deleted photo

Deleted a photo by mistake? Fret no more! You can undo the action by touching the undo button provided at the top menu.

  • Get more details

By pressing a button on the right bottom menu, you can get more details about a certain media in terms of file size and the like. This would help you in knowing if you really want to keep the media or delete it!

  • Long press the Tidy icon for settings

For additional control over the app, long press the Tidy icon.

  • Swipe UP

You will also get to know the storage space you released by deleting unwanted media.Storage Space Running Out? Tidy Will Help You Release It

You then get to share your achievements with your friends.

That’s it!

In addition to helping you release to storage space, Tidy has a lot of other features, including:

  • It helps you compare your photos and thus, helps you in choosing a perfect display picture.
  • Allows you to share your media on the go
  • Allows you to delete your media automatically once you have shared it with your friend
  • Let’s you undo the deleted photos

And much more! Download the app today to explore more.


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