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Let’s admit: we all having too many unnecessary photos on our smartphones. trying to find the best way to delete photos and never had time for this because it’s boring.
Tidy will help you to do some order in the mess – let’s start with “Duplicate Photo Finder” – Tidy can help you to find all your duplicate photos in a few seconds.

how it’s work? first, Tidy Duplicate Photo Finder is free and doesn’t keep or use your photos.

No Registration. install Tidy from google play or from the app store.

open it and tap on the filter icon –> choose the “duplicate media” filter.

Duplicate photos finder
Duplicate photos finder

Tidy will sort all your photos and will bring only the duplicate ones.

by taping on the right/left side of the screen, you will see all the duplicate photos that Tidy sort and found.

Compare duplicate photos
Compare duplicate photos

swipe right to keep the photo or swipe left to delete the photos.

remember! you see all the duplicate photos so if you like a photo, keep at lease one copy 🙂

like it? see our FAQ and learn more about Tidy http://www.tidy.gallery/tidy-help/

Get Tidy for Free  🙂