Tidy Review

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Tidy Review

reviews from google play

by Ron : Nice and fun way to clean your gallery. Despite some grammar issues (show you adds? Hello?), fun app

Simple and easy to use

by Linh Dang Hoang Good filter options to optimize cleaning
(duplicates, videos, size, etc…)

Really works for me

by Alex Simply refreshing approch to a known problem. Really works for me.


by Yael 
Really helps me


by Bobbie

. It’s super easy and convenient to use. I definitely suggest this app for anyone with a lot of photos!

pretty good

by Faryal Best app easy to use

So far its GREAT!

by Susan 

 great app

by Romy great app. shows me pictures that arent in my gallery though?? I guess that is a good thing

Lifesaver. Great App

by Ira 


by Donna

Very nice app

by Vera


by gil
reviews from appstore

reviews from appstore



by Fun2tiny: I love the app especially because I had no storage on my phone!I kept having interruptions with ads but besides that I love the app itself!!!!It had saved me a load of storage and it helped me a lot!

Very helpful!

by LAP: This is a great app! It makes it very easy to clean your photos and get rid of junk. The ads aren’t annoying either! It’s great for clearing up storage and saving pictures you love.


by maryredhead10: I can listen to music and get rid of pictures easily

Addicted to this app!

by VeryTeri

This app makes deleting and organizing your iPhone photos easy and fun! I’ve never been addicted to computer games, but this is my “candy crush”.

pretty good

by misubi queen it’s pretty good! it’s the third best photo library clearing app i’ve ever used! the only thing i would say it needs to improve on is the sensitivity of how hard you have to swipe the photos because when you don’t use enough force it just bounces back but otherwise that it’s a good app


by Gracilynn

This app actually works! It is worth getting it. I hade at least 2,000 photos and now I have 908!!! This app is also super easy to use and control😂 you should really get this app

Tidy review

by alyssa winterwalke It gives so much space in you’re photos I am so happy it torne out


by i love your pic

This is great app for me and my photo

Great app

by favparent 

It’s a great app and really nice organization


by myasmotherman
Best app ever saves all your space and it is so TIDY


by Hannah Games 

This app is perfect since I am a Gacha Tuber I used to never have space but since the day I got this I never had that problem since, this truly is a great app!~


by bUrNt TaTeRz bOi. – Dec 19, 2018
This app has been the best thing to happen to me for a while now because it has made me easily delete the things I don’t need (like memes) and now I have a lot more space on my phone

This is NOT fake

by Jessica
I was watching YouTube when an ad like this popped up. I didn’t think much of it. Then later I thought I really need help cleaning up my storage. So I search up storage cleaner apps. And I remember what the ad I saw was and I found it! Best decision ever💜 I have an iPod Touch um and it only has like 6 GB so I waste it FAST. And I take screenshots of everything so I am so happy 😁 I got this. If your reading this and deciding to get the app or not don’t WASTE much time and get it NOW. This is NOT fake I’m just saying it’s rlly good☺️ Thank you 😊;-



by cat_galaxy123 
Your app is helping me so much in tidying my phone I just wanted to say THANK YOU


by TracI

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Beautiful design, I love how you don’t get confused on which direction saves or deletes photos/videos. It has very few adds and you don’t have to spend 5-15 seconds of your life staring at them.

Excellent, best App for deleting photos by swiping.

by Fuegerstef

This is easily the best app for deleting your photos by swiping through your galleries. It is the only app that properly uses the landscape mode and displays your photos at full size.


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