Organize photos and videos into albums full – guide

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how to organize photos and videos into albums

Organize your smartphone gallery photos and videos is a complicated mission

Tidy can help you to do it easy & Fun

First, we would recommend resetting Tidy to go over all the photos again –
Tap on Tidy logo and reset.

Organize your photos & videos
Open Setting to reset Tidy

Open Tidy Organize mode – tap on the folder icon in the header bar.

Open Tidy Organize mode – tap on the folder icon in the header bar.

Organize photos & videos
Organize photos & videos

All your folder will be shown in the right side of the screen.

What you can do with the albums Bar?

★ You can change the order of the albums – simply with drag and drop

★ You can drill down and up to see all the albums

★ You can add new album – tap on the +Folder and give it name.

Before starting to organize, we would recommend opening the information bar – tap on the “i” button.

Start organize all your photos and videos – Drag and drop photos to desire albums, or just tap on the desire album.

drag and drop media
drag and drop media

On the information tab you can see the current location of the media and the while dragging you can see the name of folder the media will move to.

All the work you are done via Tidy will be represent in the default gallery of your device After you will organize all the photos it will be easy to keep your gallery organized with open Tidy every day and organize your new photos.

Get Tidy for Free 🙂

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