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Where does Tidy organize photos?

Tidy organizes photos and albums directly in your Android Gallery.

Does Tidy keep a copy of my photos?

No. Your privacy is important to us! Tidy does not store nor use any of your media.

What happens when I delete Tidy?

Nothing. All changes are made directly in Android Gallery. Deleting Tidy will not have any impact on your photos and albums.

deleting PHOTOS

What happens when I drop a photo accidentally?

You can tap on Undo and bring the photo back – Undo is available once for every action.

What happens when I drop a photo?

Tidy delete the photo permanently from your Android – no need to delete it again from any place.

Can I recover the photos I deleted?

No. Once the photos are deleted from your device, you cannot recover them.

Can I see Which media occupies the most space?

Yes. choose “By Size” in the filter menu

Can I clean/organize from specific album

Yes. choose “pick album” in the filter menu, you can go over specific album for example – “WhatsApp”

Can I find my duplicate photos?

Yes. Choose “Duplicate photos” – remember to keep one copy if you like the photo


Where does Tidy create albums?

Tidy creates albums directly in your Android Gallery.

What happens when I organize a photo into an album?

The photo is moved to the selected album in Android Gallery.

Is my existing album shown on Tidy?

Yes. All your albums will show automatically inside Tidy

Can I change the order of the albums?

Yes, you can order the albums with simple drag and drop. The order will be kept on Tidy

What happens when I create new album in Tidy?

The Album will be created on your Android Gallery automatically, and you can move media into this album.

What happens when I delete a photo from an album?

The photo will be deleted permanently from your device.

What happens if I make changes to albums outside of Tidy?

Tidy will be in sync with the changes you will do outside the app.

What happens if I delete an album in the Gallery?

Tidy won’t be able to display any photos in this album because they were deleted from Android Gallery. Tidy does not keep copies of your photos.

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